29 October 2009

Social Report 2009

Students in 179-201 especially should note that the 2009 edition of the Social Report is now on line and shows some interesting (but negative) trends. Click here.


At 11:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Grant,
I'd like to make a comment on your text book on page 218, paragraph 4 which saying that "business have claimed in the past that, if you are on employment benefit, then either you don't want to work, or welfare benefits are pricing you out of the labour market. The flip-side of this is the claim that lower benfefits would create less competition with lower wage".

I just want to ask if you are aware that this system is still used by work and income to get help mom getting a job?. Mom was looking for a job sometime last year and I guess her case manager was fed up helping mom look for a job after a while. Her case manager issued her a card to show anyone (employer) who interviewed her.

The card basically saying that, if the employ agreed to employ her, she can get paid at about $9 per hourly rate and the rest will be subsidised by work and income to made up minimom wage which is $12.5. That happend last year around May.

At first, I thought it was such a good tactic to help mom getting a job but it was rather hopeless one. Reading that page help me realized how pathetice it was to do that.

At 4:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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