13 June 2011

The latest trivia leaks

I notice that the celebrated 'Palin emails' - which were not really leaked, I admit - have gone rapidly lower down the columns of grauniad.co.uk. They have found one interesting revelation, though: As Governor of Alaska, Palin "held private discussions with Tony Hayward, the discredited BP chief executive, to win his support for a 1,700-mile gas pipeline across North America a year after his company's failure to maintain another pipeline saw it blamed for the biggest oil spill in the state's history."
It's bigger than - but morally the same as - John Key offering to review the gambling moratorium in return for Sky City investing in a convention centre. Never mind the social and environmental consequences, government is up for sale, so long as it brings in the dollars.
Otherwise, the Palin emails appear to be as banal as the woman herself.
This of course brings me to the real leek du jour: the Labour Party files. Once the complaints about the breach of privacy and the questions about what Parliamentary staffers are really up to have all settled down, these files will quickly be consigned to the dustbin of boring information.
In the information age we learn that there really is such a thing as 'too much information.' And, just because it was supposed to be private doesn't make it interesting, let alone controversial. I guess it's helped a blogger or two get some hits. That's all that can be said for it.


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