15 November 2011

Tea-Party-Gate Pt II

The Tea-Party conversation was not a ‘private communication.’ Anyone who is having a conversation on camera in front of the nation’s media is not having a private conversation. So, in my opinion, the taping of the conversation was not illegal.

There may nevertheless be good ethical reasons for keeping it private. But there is also merit in the opinions of those who are saying that the PM should permit the release of the tapes now, just to end the speculation.

A mood-swing in the campaign has now been precipitated by John (‘I’m relaxed about that’) Key’s loss of cool over the Tea-party tapes, his absurd allusion to ‘News of the World tactics’, and his complaint to the Police. To some, his stand may look principled, but the complaint to the Police is – let’s face it – a way of suppressing the revelation of the tape’s contents, at least until after the Election.

At the PM’s press conference on the matter, when a reporter asked if he knew that the tape had got into the hands of other media, Mr Key – visibly caught off guard and uncomfortable – said he was ‘not aware of that.’ But 3 News was later asking Dr Brash pointed questions about whether Mr Banks supports him as ACT Party leader.

Dr Brash has said in reference to the recording: ‘I’m not fussed actually’ – but we can be fairly sure that he actually is.

Aside from speculating about what’s in the recording, though, the PM’s over-the-top reactions to it have already undermined his own campaign. It’s not just the distraction of an issue that he has beaten up and that is now out of his control, but it’s also the lingering whiff of something rotten.


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