19 July 2013

Great unwashed threaten to air their employers' laundry

Speaking of measures that legalise poverty-level wages, the NZCTU has threatened to lay a complaint with the ILO (International Labour Organisation) over amendments to the Employment Relations Act, presently before the House.
David Low of the Employers and Manufacturers Association was overheard on National Radio objecting to this proposal by trade-union leaders, arguing that we don't want to see 'our laundry washed on the world stage' - by which he surely meant 'our dirty laundry aired on the world stage'. While putting a perfectly good metaphor through the wringer, he did at least admit that the Bill is indeed dirty laundry, potentially damaging to New Zealand's reputation, if aired in faraway Geneva, and hence in need of a good wash. He may want to do a whitewash, but, while he's at it, he could scrub up his English.


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