13 September 2013

But what are Labour members voting for?

Labour members and affiliates have cast their preference votes for the party leadership. There was plenty of speculation about who's most fit for the job and why.
My present question, though, is: On what grounds did the voters make their choices?
It would be great if someone would do a survey to find out. The multi-choice options could include:

The candidate who is:

The most able to challenge John Key.
The best leader of the Opposition.
The most able to communicate Labour's values to the public.
The best election campaigner.
The most likely to be a great PM.
The one you happen to 'like' the most.
The one you think most other Kiwis 'like' the most.
The one you 'like' the least.*
The one who'd look the least ridiculous to the international media.
The one who is least likely to fluff his lines.
The one most likely to offer you a plum job.
The one most likely to shaft your party enemies.
The one most likely to beat DC.
The one with the nicest spouse.

Respondents could tick more than one.

*assuming that he'll lose the election and be eviscerated afterwards so you can enjoy some schadenfreude.


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