04 December 2013

Take a bow, Mr McCready!

The High Court has upheld the decision that there is enough evidence for John Banks to stand trial on charges under the local electoral law. Regardless of the finding of the forthcoming trial, Mr Banks and the ACT Party both suffer further damage from this.
But there is at least a hero in this sorry story: Graham McCready, the retired accountant who mounted a private prosecution against Mr Banks after the police decided not to prosecute the case. The courts' decision to make Mr Banks stand trial, and the Solicitor-General's decision to take over the prosecution both vindicate Mr McCready's David-and-Goliath struggle.
Mr McCready has acted in the public interest by ensuring that the allegations against Mr Banks can now be tested in court. Even if Mr Banks is ultimately found not guilty, then we should still applaud Mr McCready for undertaking this extraordinary civic duty, and for doing what the police decided not to do.
The integrity of electoral law is vital to the democratic system. Mr McCready's actions have helped to maintain that integrity.


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