19 September 2014

The next government's first big decision: War in Iraq

So far, Australia has committed 600 military personnel and eight fighter jets to support the US's attack on Islamic State positions in Iraq. France has committed itself to air strikes too.
Although New Zealand has little to offer in practical military terms, it won't be long till the Obama administration approaches our government for support. New Zealand's moral-political backing is perhaps of more significance than the frigate or the special forces team that it may be able to send.
The US has been sparing us this decision due to the election, and will leave the request until the new ministry is sworn in.
If there were to be a Labour-Green Cabinet, this would cause an immediate political crisis, of course. The Greens would be implacably opposed, and Labour would be split internally over the issue. But that's not likely to be the post-electoral scenario anyway.
A National-led government (regardless of which parties are its supporter or coalition partners) will no doubt commit to supporting the anti-IS campaign.
Perhaps that's something you may like to think about before you vote!


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