15 March 2015

Did Winston write the 1080 letters?

Minister for primary industries, Nathan Guy, did quite a nice job of explaining the government's handling of the 1080 blackmail on Q&A. But he is doing all the explaining. And, as they say in politics, explaining is losing. Meanwhile the blackmailer (or 'traitor', or 'terrorist'?) is either watching with glee as this all erupts, or (if he/she/they has/have half a conscience) wishing that the earth would open up and swallow him/her/them.
There is now a strong body of opinion that the government should not have announced the threat at all, especially as we were simultaneously assured that the matter is under control and there is no present danger to public health.
Rather like the blunder of bribing Northlanders with promises of new bridges (which National will have to build now, regardless of whether they win or lose Northland!), the government has now put itself in a completely ridiculous position having gone public over the 1080 threat. It has to defend a decision that could adversely affect their natural constituencies (dairy farmers, producers and exporters), a decision that probably didn't need to be taken at all, as it responds to what was most likely an empty threat! In any case, 1080 drops will not be affected by this blackmail attempt, as that would surely be 'bowing down to terrorism'! So, why the urgent public announcement for something that they want us to believe can only be a fizzer?
This looks like a government that has lost its will to govern, has no new ideas, is constantly on the defensive, and ends up scoring own goals.
Oddly enough, though, NZ First policy is even more anti-1080 than the Greens are. Winston Peters has some work to do to prove that he isn't the blackmailer! Now, there's a conspiracy theory!


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