04 May 2006

World Finance: Robert Wade

A recent article by Robert Wade on the world financial system and the effects it has on 'underdevelopment' may be of interest to you, especially as it gives a quick over-view of the Bretton Woods system and the results of it collapse. I can send this article to you in pdf, if you email me directly to ask for it. It could be useful for your first assignment.

Coincidentally, Robert Wade, who is based at the London School of Economics, is to give a seminar on justice and the international financial order at Auckland Uni at 5pm on 10 May. If you are able and willing to attend, see details below:

Auckland University Public Policy Group
Invites you to a seminar Wednesday 10th May
Upstairs Old Government House

Professor Robert Wade
London School of Economics

5-6.30 pm

‘In search of a just international economic system’

Robert Wade is Professor of Political Economy and Development in the Development Studies Institute at the London School of Economics. Prof Wade is a highly regarded commentator on the economic orthodoxies of neoliberal development and wider economic policy, especially as practiced by multilateral agencies including the World Bank and WTO. He has recently focussed on global inequality in income and wealth, emerging US Empire, and the liberalized global financial system’s impact on the poorest countries. He is author of Governing the Market: Economic Theory and the Role of Government in East Asia's Industrialization (1990, 2003) and is a regular contributor to leading journals including World Development and the New Left Review. One of NZ’s best regarded economist exports, he has worked at the IDS Sussex, the World Bank, Brown Universities, and the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton and Berlin.

Followed by drinks and a book launch 6.30-7pm

Dr David Craig and Dr Doug Porter
University of Auckland and Asian Development Bank

‘Development beyond neoliberalism?
Governance, poverty reduction and political economy’ (Routledge 2006).

Sponsorship by The Department of Sociology, the Centre for Development Studies and the Centre for Critical Inquiry gratefully acknowledged

RSVP by the 9th May please to s.stjohn@auckland.ac.nz


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