11 July 2010

Further evidence to add to my previous post...

The PM has been quoted as saying that, if the ARC won't agree to demolishing buildings on Queen's Wharf and doing what he wants in pursuit of a "party central" venue, then there are other options, such as, he casually suggested, Victoria Park. And, better still, his government has introduced legislation for fast-track powers (Rugby World Cup 2011 Empowering Bill) that would allow unelected officials (mainly lawyers, appointed by the Minister) and the Minister himself (McCully) to simply over-ride any local-body democratic governance processes in permitting activities, structures and liquor licences for the Rugby World Cup.

Mr Key was quoted by stuff.co.nz as follows: "It's always possible for a government to ride rough-shod over another party – in this case, local government – and if we did that, it might actually be with the support of the majority of Aucklanders, who I would suggest share our view that something better can be constructed on Queen's Wharf."

Whether or not the majority of Aucklanders would agree (if they had time to think about it) is a moot point, but Mr Key was obviously thinking of applying that Empowering Bill to this kind of situation. He wants his government to be able to "ride rough-shod" over the Auckland Council, if the latter happens to get in the way.

This, in my opinion, is an extraordinary and arrogant usurpation of normal constitutional rights and powers by the Executive.


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