18 December 2013

The Brown-Out Effect

"Reputation of power is power; because it draweth with it the adherence of those that need protection." Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, 1660.
And conversely, as those who once gave support or needed protection draw away, the reputation of power declines.
The Whaleoil blog and the EY reports on the conduct of Mayor Len Brown provided a basket of dirty laundry for people to rummage through. And we can each choose how far we'll rummage through it and how much fuss we'll make about the stains and the bad smells that we may find there.
The NZ Herald went out on a political limb to condemn the Mayor, demanding that he leave office, thus elevating its editorial column into its own front-page "news." So, Mr Brown's "reputation of power" evaporated a little more.
Some people have taken to the street to protest their disgust with him.
More comment to follow once the Council has considered a vote of censure and (possibly) a vote of no-confidence.


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