19 December 2013

Brown survives, for the time being

Len Brown's acceptance of a strong motion of censure by the Auckland Council has been coupled with a 'keep calm and carry on' approach as he shows determination to remain in the Mayor's office.
Given the harsh words spoken by some councillors against him, and by many Aucklanders, the next question is whether he can survive until the 2016 election. It's unlikely that those who have vehemently opposed him will just drop the matter now. I'm sure that someone will be digging for more dirt.
Legally speaking, Mr Brown can stay on in office. Resignation always was, and remains, entirely up to him. But if his opponents persist in making life seriously difficult for him, then the Council may remain divided and become dysfunctional. Len Brown has a knack for staying calm under attack, though, and his opponents may well find, if they continue with their shrill and moralistic criticisms, that they (and not Mr Brown) will look like the cause of the Council's problems.
We are now all very well aware of Mr Brown's misdemeanours. It's worth recalling that we learned about them as a result of a botched attempt to make Brown pull out of the election or later to stand down. It was sheer gutter politics. It would be a pity to see that kind of tactic get rewarded.
Len Brown is getting his punishment. It will be quite a feat of political and personal determination if he can get through this and serve out his term effectively. I shall watch with interest.


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