17 February 2014

I Heart Colin Craig

It's an election year, and Colin Craig is out to earn your respect. Mr Craig is an honourable man, and he may even be an honourable member after this election. So listen up. Colin Craig does not believe that a woman's place is in the kitchen. I heard him say it on the radio. Mr Craig also does not believe that a gay man's place is in the closet. After all, there are gay MPs, lawyers, rugby players, spacemen, you name it.
Anyway, conservatives have little left to be conservative about now, since they're so cool with women being independent and gays being out. Oh, that's right, they still want to amend the Crimes Act to give parents immunity from prosecution when they hit their children – at least until the children are big enough to hit back. Wasn't there a verse in the Old Testament about that? He who loveth his son beateth him regularly with a stick, or words to that effect.
And, in case Mr Craig or his lawyer is reading this, did he know that the Chinese are planning to send men to the Moon? There are no kitchens up there, so does he reckon they'll send a woman too?


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