08 March 2014

Colin raises the standards?

Once there was a guy, let's call him Colin, who decided he wanted to play for the Warriors. But he thought the opposing league players were a bit too rough and this lowered the standards of play. So, to teach them a lesson, every time an opposing player smashed him to the ground, Colin laid a complaint with the police. After all, the other players had no right to hurt a delicate chap like him.
For perfectly sound reasons, the police and the courts paid no attention to Colin's pleadings. They said 'league players have to take the hard tackles, as that's the nature of the game.' But the news media did pay attention, because it made great copy. And Colin loved the attention he was getting.
Because Colin had deep pockets to pay lawyers, eventually the other players decided it was safer not to tackle Colin at all, and they just let him score points whenever he liked.
But did this raise the standard of play? Not according to the fans in the stadium! They booed and told him to harden the f*** up.


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